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    Welcome to Nelion Audio, llc. This site is still being built, so please have patience with some of our incomplete information. If you ever have any questions or need additional information, please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com.

    I'd like to extend my gratitude to you for visiting. We are a small business and take a lot of pride in our services, products and workmanship. In a world where everything is quick, easy and disposable, we are about quality, durability and dependability. We are highly experienced audio experts ready to make your prized vintage gear shine - from the clean and polished faceplate to your ears.

    I'd also like to take this opportunity to inform you that we are the ONLY authorized Carver Repair facility that can legally, and practically, perform the mkII modifications on the M500(t) and M1.0t amplifiers, as described on our old website www.carvermk2.com. There are false techs out there, especially on Ebay, who have stolen the information and have offered to perform these modifications themselves. We do not endorse them in any way. It is unfortunate that they have never even approached us for the guidelines and safe practices, so we advise you to take great caution when shopping around for service and pricing.

    Please feel free to register on the site as a member. You can register to receive our newsletter (which I send out only if I actually have news, not everyday to annoy you) and get special benefits in the future when we complete our site.

    Please consider us to work with. We want you to enjoy your music and all the gear you've worked hard for, worry and trouble free. Ultimately, we would like to be with you as you journey through the high fidelity audio world, finding and creating new and exciting experiences and products. We are here for you!



    Greg Garska, CEO


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  • Dear Enthusiast,


    I have known Greg and Jenny for many years and I must say that when they work on an amplifier, tuner, or processor it is always repaired with an attention to detail that is difficult to believe. The unit is checked from input to output with only perfection in mind. To watch Greg
    work on a piece of gear is like watching the finest craftsman in the world performing true magic. It's like watching a Stradivarius being constructed. The unit is inspected thoroughly 
    from top to bottom - every hold-down screw is inspected, as is every fit on the outside of the unit. Once inside, careful inspection of the circuit is performed, any anomalies are corrected and all bad parts are replaced with units equal, and usually better than, the factory originals. 

    After the unit has been repaired, it is carefully checked and compared to the factory specifications and operated at full output for a significant time period to make certain all is well. Then the unit is "burned in" for 72 hours and checked yet again. Greg actually checks the unit more thoroughly than final checkout at the factory when initially manufactured! It's true! Finally, your unit is washed, cleaned, put back together better than new and sent back home to you.

    When you get your unit back from Jenny and Greg, it will be PERFECT!


    With deepest admiration,
    Bob Carver