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  • B&O , Yamaha, Onkyo and others FOR SALE


    MAKE AN OFFER - For each or for the whole lot.

    Single Owner, beautiful, clean and well cared for.


    B&O 3500 receiver SOLD



    B&O Beocenter 9000



    Beovox S45's




    Beogram 3000





    image (7).png

    image (6).png

    image (4).png

    image (5).png

    image (3).png

    image (2).png


    ONKYO M-501 SOLD----------------------------------------------------------------------------------



    Also B&O Pentas - vintage MINT in their original boxes!


    Once in a lifetime deal! Don't miss it! Name your price!


    Contact Service@Nelionaudio.com or call 231-388-2309


    Prefer Pick-up, but will ship from Byron Center Michigan.

  • VINTAGE Fulton FMI 80 speakers FOR SALE

    Clean, tested and ready for music.

    $200 OBO + shipping & tax






  • Carver AV-405 For Sale!

    5 channel amplifier  (Serviced - sold as-is)

    Price: $150 OBO + shipping & tax

    Carver AV-405 front.jpg

    Carver AV-405 Back.jpg

    Carver AV-405 back2.jpg






  • Nelion Audio Exclusive Products

  • New Gundry Filter circuit available!

    We can install this circuit on just about any preamp. Originally designed for Carver Sonic Holography, this filter can be incorporated into many kinds of audio signal processing or media sources. The filter can be turned on or off by a jumper, or with a switch wired into it.



    The circuit requires +/-12 supplies and space to mount.

    Dimensons: 60mm X 70mm (2 3/8" x 2 3/4")

    It's function is to attenuate frequencies which our ears are naturally very sensitive too, such as baby crying and sirens. By adjusting the frequency response of some audio processing, such as Sonic Holography, the result is a better sound image, especially at high volume levels where certain mid-range frequencies dominate our ear/brain system and smear our perception of depth and detail in the music.

    Special Offer!

    Price: $24 (PCB with parts) or $40 installed (in addition to standard service fee).


    Contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com to purchase your today! We assemble these by hand here in the USA!

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