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    Currently Scheduling 2 weeks out. Turn around is 2 weeks on refurbs, 1 month on repairs.

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    Welcome to Nelion Audio, LLC (formerly Carvermk2.com). We're a Carver Authorized, Bob Carver recommended repair, restoration and upgrade business focused on creating the very best vintage audio experience for you.

    We'd like to extend our gratitude to you for visiting our site. We take a lot of pride in our services, products and workmanship. In a world where everything is quick, easy and disposable, we are about quality, durability and dependability. We are highly experienced audio experts ready to make your prized vintage gear shine - from the clean and polished face plate to creating the best sound stage for your ears.

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    Please consider working with us. We are more than just a repair shop. We want you to enjoy your music and all the gear you've worked hard for, worry and trouble free. Ultimately, we would like to be with you as you journey through the high fidelity audio world, discovering and creating new and exciting experiences and products. We are here for you!



    Greg Garska, CEO

    Nelion Audio, LLC

    ~Where Music Lives On~


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