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Welcome to Nelion Audio

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Vintage audio integrations and upgrades

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    Due to high volumes of requests, we are currently Scheduling 8 weeks out. Turn around is 3 weeks on refurbs, 1 month on repairs. Thank you so much for visiting!

  • Hello,

    Welcome to Nelion Audio, LLC (formerly Carvermk2.com). We're a Carver service center, recommended repair, restoration and upgrade business focused on creating the very best vintage audio experience for you.

    We'd like to extend our gratitude to you for visiting our site. We take a lot of pride in our services, products and workmanship. In a world where everything is quick, easy and disposable, we are about quality, durability and dependability. We are highly experienced audio experts ready to make your prized vintage gear shine - from the clean and polished face plate to creating the best sound stage for your ears.

    Feel free to register on the site to receive our newsletter for special benefits and offers.

    Please consider working with us. We are more than just a repair shop. We want you to enjoy your music and all the gear you've worked hard for - worry and trouble free. Ultimately, we would like to be with you as you journey through the high fidelity audio world, discovering and creating new and exciting experiences and products. We are here for you!



    Greg Garska, CEO

    Nelion Audio, LLC

    ~Where Music Lives On~


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  • Featured Restore

    Pioneer SX-1050

    Pioneer SX-1050.PNG

  • Nelion Audio Exclusive Products

  • Gundry Filter Circuit Now Available

    We can install this circuit on just about any preamp. Originally designed for Carver Sonic Holography, this filter can be incorporated into many kinds of audio signal processing or media sources. The filter can be turned on or off by a jumper, or with a switch wired into it.



    Sonic Holography Frequency Response (stock):



    Sonic Holography Frequency Response With Gundry:



    Note the two 'dips'. This enhanced equalization expands the holographic imaging of the SH processing to our natural, non-linear perception of sound location.


    The circuit requires +/-12 supplies and space to mount.

    Dimensons: 60mm X 70mm (2 3/8" x 2 3/4")

    It's function is to attenuate frequencies which our ears are naturally very sensitive too, such as baby crying and sirens. By adjusting the frequency response of some audio processing, such as Sonic Holography, the result is a better sound image, especially at high volume levels where certain mid-range frequencies dominate our ear/brain system and smear our perception of depth and detail in the music.

    Special Offer!

    Price: $24 (PCB with parts) or $40 installed (in addition to standard service fee).


    Contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com to purchase yours today! We assemble these by hand here in the USA!

    (For experienced technicians only)

  • 3.5mm 12V trigger adaptor

    This adaptor can be installed on most amps and preamps. For use with a 12V on/off trigger power sequencer or remote controlled component manager with 12V outputs, this handy little circuit makes many Carver components compatible with your power sequencing needs.




    Special Offer!

    Price: $24 (PCB built) or $40 installed (in addition to standard service fee).


    Contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com to purchase yours today! We assemble these by hand here in the USA!

    (For experienced technicians only)

  • VINTAGE Fulton FMI 80 speakers FOR SALE

    Clean, tested and ready for music.

    $200 OBO + shipping & tax






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  • Testimonials

    "Dear Greg and Jenny,

    I received my Carver M1.0 mkII op2 amplifier back and hooked it up.  It sounds fantastic and looks great with the blue led’s.  It is such a warm sounding amplifier.  Very quiet. Like Picasso painting on black canvas when I listen to my tidal Master recordings. Better imaging, more transparent, warmer, cleaner, I could go on and on but you already know all of this.  I’m so impressed and want to personally thank you for your incredible talent." - Sheldon H.


    "Hi Greg,

    The amp arrived earlier today. Put into a system with a Sony TAE 86 preamp and ADS 1230 speakers.

    I had been using the matching Sony TAN 86 Class A amp. I’m the original owner since 1980 and had them completely redone last year. And I thought they sounded great. 

    The difference is huge. I am blown away. The music brings tears to my eyes. To say the upgrade [M1.0t mkII opt002] is worth it would be a gigantic understatement. 

    Thank you." - David W.



    INCREDIBLE SOUND!" - Kenneth K.


    "Hi Greg,

    The amp was delivered this morning, and I’ve got it hooked up.  It sounds GREAT!!!

    Thank you so much!  I will make sure to share this positive experience with all my solider buddies who probably need theirs refurbished too.

    I have goose bumps. 😄 " - Gerry S.


    "Super!!!!   Thanks!!!!!   The amp’s sound is exquisite!!!!" - Fredrick L.


    "Hi Greg,

    Holy Smokes! These sound absolutely incredible! I was honestly wondering if there would be an audible difference. Unreal. Very happy! Any productivity I hoped to accomplish today went down the drain.
    Thank you very much for the quick turnaround!" - Chris W.



    "Hello Greg.
    I just received my M1.0t back from your shop and I wanted to say that the amp sounds wonderful!

    I can't thank you enough for your outstanding service, backing up your reputation with solid service and expertise that took a problem situation for me and turned it back into a wonderful listening experience!

    Thank you for the warranty work and your willingness to go above and beyond to make this customer satisfied! My 1989 Carver never sounds better!

    I wish you all the best and highly recommend anyone needed to bring their Carver amps back up to original speed, to GO TO YOU before anyone else!

    All the Carver Best!" - Dan J


    "Hi Greg

    I have been out of town and just hooked the 4000t up yesterday. I had no idea how much a preamplifier could improve the sound of my little Hafler SE120 amp. You did an amazing job. I am very satisfied.

    Thank you!" - Jon S


    "14 day after receiving, M1.0MK II Upgrade
     = Mind Blown!!!
    What an incredible difference! 
    Thank you for restoring true audio and completing a 15 year dream." - Blake F

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