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  • Dear Enthusiast,


    I have known Greg and Jenny for many years and I must say that when they work on an amplifier, tuner, or processor it is always repaired with an attention to detail that is difficult to believe. The unit is checked from input to output with only perfection in mind. To watch Greg work on a piece of gear is like watching the finest craftsman in the world performing true magic. It's like watching a Stradivarius being constructed. The unit is inspected thoroughly from top to bottom - every hold-down screw is inspected, as is every fit on the outside of the unit. Once inside, careful inspection of the circuit is performed, any anomalies are corrected and all bad parts are replaced with units equal, and usually better than, the factory originals. 

    After the unit has been repaired, it is carefully checked and compared to the factory specifications and operated at full output for a significant time period to make certain all is well. Then the unit is "burned in" for 72 hours and checked yet again. Greg actually checks the unit more thoroughly than final checkout at the factory when initially manufactured! It's true! Finally, your unit is washed, cleaned, put back together better than new and sent back home to you.

    When you get your unit back from Jenny and Greg, it will be PERFECT!


    With deepest admiration,
    Bob Carver

  • To: Nelion Audio

    From: Bob Carver, LLC

    Dear Greg and Jenny,

    The restoration service you have provided to Phase Linear, Carver and Sunfire owners over many years, has proven to be top quality in your field. Your support of these products, attention to detail, and extensive knowledge of these unique designs, has been recognized here at Bob Carver Company.

    We appreciate your fine work and dedication to maintaining the high performance of these products, some being many decades after their build dates. 

    It's an honor to name Nelion Audio as an -  Authorized Service Center.

    On behalf of Bob Carver and Peggy Piacenza, its an honor to recognize your longstanding contributions, and welcome you to the Bob Carver team.


    Jim Clark
    Bob Carver, LLC

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