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  3. What are the power specs after the restore and mod on the m500 and the cost I have one I'm thinking about having it serviced soon.
  4. Hello, Yes of course we are still doing these mods. We always calibrate the meters when serviced.
  5. Are you still doing these upgrades? Also can you calibrate meters mine seem to be off one reads more than the other?
  6. I can't express the gratitude for the work you did on my SX1250. It sounds as it should and it's been a year ago already. I switch up between SX1250 and the Sunfire CVTCC paired with an A-500X. I just purchased a second A-500X. I'm going to bridge both, each to a left and right channel. I have one question. Apparently there was a version change. I have the one similar to the one you show in the photos. Left and right channels are near each other, toward the center on the rear panel. The one I purchased has connectors at either side, far left and far right on the rear panel. Is that all they
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