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  3. I updated my Carver M1.0t back in October 2015 to MKII opt002. It is still going strong and the backbone of my system. No thumps, no thermal issues, no hum, just great music. Seems like I just updated it, but it's been over 8 years. A very worthwhile and enjoyable investment! -Chuck C
  4. I received the amp with the opt 002 extra and am super pleased! Not only did the overhaul fix a dead amp at no additional cost, but the sound is tighter and the power even more endless (if that is possible with Carver amps). My sloppy old rock and roll speakers now sound like the music. I really appreciate the attention to detail: all of the exterior screws on the bottom are new and shiny (even if they won't be seen again for a decade) and the case was cleaned to spotless. Great work, Nelion Audio!
  5. Just got my C4000 refurb and (2) M500t's w/Mkii upgrades back from Greg ...and they sound Absolutely Fantastic !! I am fortunate to live in Michigan so I could hand deliver & pick up my equipment thus saving shipping costs. I strongly urge anyone considering having Carver refurb/upgrade work done to avail yourself of Greg's services. He does exceptional work, stands behind it, and is just a great guy to do business with!
  6. Have received M4.0t amp back from having audiphile refurb done-playing it regularly for a couple of months,now and it is superb sounding-have it hooked up to CJ PF-2 preamp and Wharfedale Denton speakers. I have sent in a M1.0t for same work upgrade and should be receiving it back in a week. Plan to send my last M1.0t for the refurb as soon as I am able to. These are true craftsmen at Nelion. Thank you.
  7. Excellent restoration for my M 4.0t, I now have it hooked up with CJ PF-2 preamp and Wharfedale Denton speakers and the music sounds incredible-great investment. I was so impressed I sent in a M 1.0t for restoration which I should be receiving back in a week and plan to send in my last M1.0t for restoration. Am really pleased with Nelion audio and am glad to have found them. Highly recommend!!

    1. Michael sikorski

      Michael sikorski

      I forgot to add both units were upgraded,also.


  8. I had a lightning surge effect my Sunfire TGA-7401. I thought it was a lost cause. The amp was repaired as good as new and seems to sound better. Thanks you guys from a very satisfied customer!
  9. What are the power specs after the restore and mod on the m500 and the cost I have one I'm thinking about having it serviced soon.
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