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  4. Hi, Compliments of 2020! How's the progress with the above? Best Shoks
  5. Hi Nelion Audio, My recently modified/ upgraded Carver M1.0t has arrived and I've listened, and I am very pleased with its performance. Thank you for packing it so well. It's a long trip from Alaska to Michigan and back. The IEC power socket is a big plus. I'm glad I chose that option, along with the Mark II and the opt002. I'm still listening to the amp and it reveals itself as a magnificent piece of gear. I'm hoping to get many many more years of use from the amp. I give you a 5 star rating because your expertise has taken this amp to a new level. Thank You very very much. Sincerely, Art
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  7. @tim Are you having trouble logging in your account?
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    pm 1.5 fan motor

    I would of I would have said something if i could have got back in the site!
  9. Did you get it working Tim?
  10. I will very soon. I'm actually working on it this month!
  11. Well, I can tell you B & O is not always easy to troubleshoot. Those speakers are active and they have a display for volume of I remember. Best way to troubleshoot them is to test each of its subsection components. But I think if you follow up on ensuring the connections are solid and inspecting other failure areas such as capacitors and speaker drivers, you'll be in the clear!
  12. Hi Tom. I'm working on both of those modifications. I've wanted a color solution for LEDs for a long time, it just happens to be a little complex when trying to keep the price down as well as accessibility without making major changes to the outside of the unit.
  13. Welcome to all you new members!
  14. Carver service bulletin C1-2 provides a resistor chart for reducing the gain of the Main 1 output. Would love to have a multi-position switch that would allow me to choose different gains. Mine is currently set for the 21dB reduction, but no longer need that much. The normal output of Main 2 is too high for the small space I am in. Secondly, how about leds that you could adjust the color from an external source? My son used to install car kits that allowed drivers to adjust headlight leds using a phone app. Not sure if the technology is small enough to be used in audio applications. Just wondering?
  15. Last month I purchased a pair of B&O Pentas', and as the speakers made in the early 90's, they had some exterior damage and I talked the seller down to a decent price of $600 (these were $5000 dollars when they were new). I plugged the units in and all "seemed" to work well. I was aware that the screen on the unit would not turn on if it was not attached to a B&O music player and figured I was in the clear. However upon getting them to the house, acquiring the proper cables and digital to analog converters for the unit, I set them up and... the speakers failed to turn on. I have since opened the speakers and found only a couple of lose ends that needed to be reattached in the base of the unit, however i'm positive that does not account for the many things that can go wrong with them. The fuses are being replaced as well. Both units have 150 watt amps and have circuitry that run all the way to the top of the five foot tall, 9 driver speakers. Anybody know what I can/should do in this position? Nelion Audio came out to the NY Audio show and thats how I knew to contact you guys so thanks!
  16. Restoral of this little gem involves replacing all electrolytic capacitors, reconditioning of the output transistor thermal isolators, replacement of critical resistors and pre-drive transistors, service bulletins and full cleaning inside and out. Full restore price: $350
  17. Welcome! Watched part of that rugby final. Nice win!
  18. Hi, Do you have them for the M400 as well? Please email me information.
  19. Hi All, First time Forum member to any Carver forum...all the way from Johannesburg South Africa..Rugby World Champions..2019..ha..ha Looking forward to getting my M400 fixed (PSU Cap blew), and maybe upgrading at a later stage. Well done Greg and Jenny!
  20. <burp> 'skuse me. Howdy folks!
  21. Hi all. Just registered. Have been on other Carver forums as Thall. Very close to pulling the trigger on getting my M-500t in for the MKII upgrade. C1 pre will be next for the Biil D mod.
  22. Sound is Magic....

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    Yamaha M2 Amplifier

    My email is b*******
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    Yamaha M2 Amplifier

    I have a Yamaha M2 Amplifier and was wondering what could be done to bring it up to date or refreshed up and any modes you may recommend. What cost range would I be looking at?
  25. Hello! We missed you also. Make it happen next year!
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