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  2. Years ago I had borrowed my brother's 2 Carver M500t amps with the MKII upgrade (done by Nelion Audio). I absolutely loved the sweet, powerful sound they put out so recently I purchased 2 Carver M500t amplifiers online with the sole purpose of getting both upgraded to the MKII mod. When I received the amps I verified they worked and immediately sent them directly to Nelion for the upgrade. When the upgrade was complete I picked up my amps and installed them in a bridged configuration (1 per channel) in my den. Now I cannot listen to my new system without a smile on my face. The mod is we
  3. Hello @Kevin L, Welcome to Nelion Audio! Please email us at service@nelionaudio.com to work out details for scheduling. We can make your M1.5t sound better than ever. And as for the power, you can never have too much. It's all a matter of knowing what your speakers, your room, and your ears can handle. Any amplifier has the potential to blow a speaker, so really, blowing speakers is more so a user error than because of max power output of the amplifier. Using in-line fuses at the speakers is a easy solution to protecting them against accidental over-driving, or various ot
  4. Greetings ! I have a 34yr old Carver M1.5t Amp thats not working. (And hasn't for years). Its mated to a Carver CT-7 into KEF 104/2 loudspeakers. All is about the same age. I've reviewed your process for bringing my Amp back to life and even making it more efficient. Wonder of the KEF's will be able to withstand the new power ? My Amp was purchased by me from the Army Exchange in Hawai'i about 1987 when I was in the Navy. Honolulu Audio had it for $999, The Army Exchange was $650 with no tax. I bought it just after it was mislabeled and placed on the "Clearance Rack" for $1
  5. I can’t say how much I have enjoyed this upgrade in my system. I had the MK to option 002 done to my 1.0 T and it has been everything it said it would be and more it was done about 5 to 6 years ago I believe and it has been nothing but a joy to listen to. I have a lot of people who say Rob I’ve got this music and I’d like to hear it on your system because they know it’s a serious system and they want to see what the potential is. I can’t think of anything I’ve done to my system that was as impactful as this investment in the upgrade. I would like to thank you so much for your craftsmanship. Ro
  6. Finally got the stainless steel fan brackets done for PT-1250 / PM 2.0t This is a drop in replacement assembly for the noisy OEM hair dryer fans. 11 blade, brushless, tubeaxial, 24vdc fans with some baffling to help move air through the amp more efficiently. Low speed (button out) is inaudible. Second speed (button in) is barely audible. Added 50ºC thermostat disks to heat sinks to enable automatic full speed operation (tornado mode) if needed which is still quieter than the OEM fans.
  7. After several decades of reliable use, my C-1 was beginning to die. I really hated to get rid of it so I was elated to discover the repair offerings of Nelion Audio. I had the Bill D mod and general repairs made on my Carver C-1 pre-amp and I could not be happier with the results. It sounds just as good or maybe even better than it did when I first bought it way back in 1987. If you have any doubts or hesitancy to ship your product to them, don't worry. They took great care of the piece and performed excellent work on it. Here's looking toward several more decades of use!
  8. The reconditioning gave my Carver A-753x new life! Sounds better now than it did so many years ago when it was new. Thanks Greag for your work and timely replies to questions. Just one question from me; is it ok to keep the amp powered on 24/7 vs turning it off and on several times a day? I've heard that it's better for the solid state circuits to start warm all the time. Thanks for your reply.
  9. Hello, Yes, I can work on the Parasound HCA-2200II. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com for more details. Thank you!
  10. Do you mod or refurbish Parasound HCA-2200ii? Mine is humming and a place in the Midwest stopped modding them. I also have a M1.0t in good condition to mod. Which do you think would sound better? thanks
  11. After shipping my M-4.0t and CT-7 preamp, I decided to go with the audiophile restoration instead of the basic restoration. The work is beautiful, and I will be a while getting used to the smooth, quiet, powerful sound that comes out of this restored combination. Even with hearing damaged from age, military service, and a career in restoration carpentry, I can hear wonderfully. For the first time, I am leaving the bass, mid-range, and treble controls set flat, and love the sound. This is money invested, not spent, on some of the best sound that I could ever afford. I am thankful to have e
  12. Hello, Yes we need to schedule you in. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com Thank you!
  13. Yes indeed - that is repairable.
  14. Do I need to schedule the work, or just send the unit to you?
  15. Guest

    Phase Linear 4000 II

    Unlimiter and autocorrolator circuits do not work as should. Volume control has loud clicks at lowest settings. Repairable?
  16. I worked as an electronics restoration tech for many years. I saved a smoke-damaged M500 from a fire, meticulously cleaning it with pressurized DI water and surfactant. I used the amp for years until one day my wife's friend plugged a 3.5mm adapter from the input directly into her phone, cooking the right rail as the phono jack shorted. I fixed the first stage, but as the current came up it cooked again. Greg fixed my baby, making it better than ever. This amp means more to me than any other physical possession. Just do the MKII service--it's cheaper than buying many consumer recei
  17. We use OPA2134. However the pinouts are quite different, so you have to use an adaptor.
  18. Guest

    Carver C-9 Restore

    What is the upgrade to the RC4136 IC chip in the C9?
  19. I got this C-4000 several years ago second hand. Opened it up to replace Power board caps. Someone modified the motherboard by cutting traces, modified power switch (looks to be in headphone section?), and jumped from power board to motherboard. In reading schematic, there is a difference between the original board and the later versions, I wonder Is this a factory/service mod? Has anyone seen? Main question is; do I put back to stock or try and recreate the modification, in which case I need to get signal to the motherboard. The cut traces and bypass power switch are in image 3.
  20. Thanks. I'll contact you tomorrow.
  21. @Mike16w Oh no! Well, we can certainly take care of it. Hit us up at Service@nelionaudio.com! Or go to the homepage and hit the Contact Service button on the right sidebar.
  22. Thanks. I'm having multiple issues with the amp and thinking about sending it in to you for repair/upgrading. Smoking transistors and resistors. Been too many years since I was a bench tech and the direct coupled layout has me getting frustrated.
  23. @Mike16w Please use 0.47ohm 2W resistors. Good luck with the restore!
  24. Guest

    Resistor question.

    I have a Carver M 500 that I am trying to restore/fix. There is 4 resistor blocks (R170-R173). My amp does not have the resistors soldered on the top of these blocks. What value and wattage should I install? Thanks Mike
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