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M-500t MKII Z mod

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Looking for an amp for your highly efficient speakers? 


Look no further than Greg's latest "Z" mod on the 500t. 


Nope, it sounds like an AM radio on lower efficiency speakers, don't go there. I swapped the Z for my DennisMiller55 TFM-42 and just hated it with my Snells(90dB, 1W@1M). Ugh!

Now, I've swapped out the Snell's for Klipsch Heresy 1.5's (102dB, 1W@1M). 


Glorious! Detail, presence and manners I never got from horns before! I'm really pissed Greg hadn't had this amp before I sold a dozen Heresy's...


Really enjoying this!

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9 hours ago, morris said:

What's a Z mod?

I'm so glad you asked! The Z-mod is a prototype modification for the M500t mkII and M1.0t mkII amplifiers. The modification will be switchable. It is intended to make the amplifiers more responsive to high sensitivity speakers, such as horn drivers and ribbons.

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