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M1.5 and C3

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Guest Marc C

I have had. A Carver 1.5 and C3 for 25 years. Something quit on it and I stuck it away until a few months ago.  I contacted Greg at Nelion Audio about repairing these. While his reviews were excellent, I was still hesitant to send these to someone 1000 miles away. Gathering dust in my attic wasn't getting me anywhere either.  I finally shipped them to Greg.  They came back to me in less time than he quoted, even though he had some issues with his barn burning down. All I can say is if you are procrastinating, STOP!  I had forgotten how good music can sound.  I have these in my shop and I find my self standing in front of the speaker's, just listening. Greg was very professional. Equipment was packaged well and delivered prior to the agrred upon date. I can't say that it sounds better, only because it has been so long since I had it working. But I can say it sounds amazing! 

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