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    We proudly present the official M1.0t mkII opt002 upgrade! This mod gives your 1.0t a much higher power rating, more headroom, less commutation distortion, better current sourcing and performance into low impedance loads, and tighter bass and transient control. This mod includes replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, the thump fix, all service bulletins, new 5-way binding posts, cleaning inside and out. Amp is burnt-in and thoroughly tested against factory specs, and upgraded specs. This mod has been performed by Richard Pecoraro and Greg Garska of carvermk2.com for years (since 2008) and has proven to be one of the most powerful, musical, and reliable Carver amps around. Do not trust Ebay copycat 'techs' - we are the only authorized techs that perform this sophisticated upgrade and stand behind it. All the services, kits and retro-fit boards found on Ebay were stolen and used without permission. For all of the work and improvements done, this is by far one of the best deals in the industry. Includes a 3-year warranty and lifetime waiver of bench fees. Power into 8 ohms: Stock: 200 watts MKII OP002: 460 watts Clipping into 8 ohms: Stock: 350 watts MKII OP002: 500 watts Dynamic into 8 ohms: Stock: 550 watts MKII OP002: 700 watts Features: All new electrolytic capacitors replaced and upgraded, including new High Voltage, Long Life power supply capacitors All pre-driver stage transistors replaced and upgraded All rectifiers replaced and upgraded All Main switching Diodes replaced 'Trouble' resistors replaced and upgraded where needed Output transistor parallel doubled for high current handling (opt002 only) High current output commutators installed (opt002 only) Bias Pivot upgrade On/Off Thump Fix circuits installed Solder joints reflowed and inspected. Premium Quality 7% silver solder used on output stage 5-way gold speaker binding posts Unit cleaned inside and out All needed repairs are included* Professionally made retro-fit boards: (Opt002 board - designed for high current capacity) (High Rail capacitor board. Unlike the hobbyist PBC that lays flat against the PCB on Ebay, this board does not interfere with the sensitive components on the main PCB and keeps the capacitors elevated for much better thermal cycling and electrical isolation. This board option also reduces the over-all noisefloor of the amplifier.) (Thump fix board. Designed with hi-tech components on a sleek unobstursive PCB) (Bias Pivot PCB designed for maximum thermal reliance.) New Speaker Binding Posts: IEC socket option: Cost: $450.00 + shipping Add the optional LED upgrade with your choice of color for an additional: $40.00 Add an IEC (C14) socket for an additional: $40 Email us at SERVICE@NELIONAUDIO.COM to schedule an appointment today! (no obligation) (*Unusual damage such as cracked circuit boards, burns, excessive corrosion and other extremes are not covered. If you are not sure of the extent of the damage, please send pictures for evaluation. Cosmetic damage is also not part of 'repairs'. We clean and polish the units as best we can, but we do not restore paint, correct scratches, remove stains or reform dents. Please see Restoral Services for more information on cosmetics.)
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