• Where are you located?

    Hersey, Michigan USA

    How do I contact for service? What is the process?

    Please email us at service@nelionaudio.com or click on the 'Contact Service' button on the Main Page or just click this one!

    Describe what services you're interested in. For example, "I'd like my TFM-35 fully refurbished" and we'll exchange information to get you scheduled and ready to send your gear in right away.
    I don't know how to send my amp to you...I don't think I have the right kind of box and I'm not sure what kind of cushioning to use.
    That's okay - we can make a shipping box for you. Just let us know what kind of model you have and we'll send you one. They cost $50 to $60 flat-rate (shipping included!). We also include instructions as to how to pack your amp using your own materials in our scheduling email.
    How long does it take?
    Well, it kinda varies depending on what is sent. If it is a Carver Restore service, turn around is usually a week (from the scheduled date). If it is a repair or custom modification, it could take about a month. If you need priority service, please just let us know and we'll negotiate. We understand sometimes you need your equipment right back.
    What do you mean by 'consumable parts'?
    First, all equipment made before 1998 are due for a full restoration. Electrolytic capacitors have an operation expectancy of about 20 years. Certain resistors, wiring, relays, and transistors need to be replaced due to thermal stress. So what I consider 'consumable' are components that either by time or by stress are 'consumed' by the operation of the unit.
    You don't describe your services in specific detail, so how do I know I'm getting what I'm paying for?
    We love audio and we want vintage gear to stay in operation. Restoration is what we specialize in because we truly want to see these masterpieces last. That said, we carefully and thoughtfully replace parts, clean the unit, and fully test and listen to each one before sending it back. We strive for flawless, carefree operation, as if it the unit came right off the factory line.
    Basically, a restore for most equipment will include:
    Replacement of output relays.
    Replacement and upgrade of pre-drive transistors.
    Replacement of all electrolytic capacitors.
    Replacement of critical resistors.
    Cleaning of contacts.
    Recondition knobs and switches (more than just DeOxit...a professional recondition).
    Reflow and reconditioning of solder, including using 7% silver solder on high-temp areas to avoid cracking.
    Restore includes all needed repairs, as long as it isn't excessive damage, such as water corrosion, cracked PCB, etc.
    Upgrades and modifications for better performance.
    See 'Services' for more information on each unit.