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  1. Hello, Yes, I can work on the Parasound HCA-2200II. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com for more details. Thank you!
  2. Hello, Yes we need to schedule you in. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com Thank you!
  3. Yes indeed - that is repairable.
  4. We use OPA2134. However the pinouts are quite different, so you have to use an adaptor.
  5. @Mike16w Oh no! Well, we can certainly take care of it. Hit us up at Service@nelionaudio.com! Or go to the homepage and hit the Contact Service button on the right sidebar.
  6. @Mike16w Please use 0.47ohm 2W resistors. Good luck with the restore!
  7. Hello, I can restore the C-500. They are very similar to a Phase Linear 700 - brute force linear power supply and gobs of output transistors. Restoration includes cleaning inside and out, replacement of consumable parts, upgraded components where appropriate, calibration and testing. 3 year parts and labor warranty. $400 + shipping.
  8. Thanks @RobA! Welcome to the forums!
  9. The Matsushita's are obsolete. These two relays are direct crossovers: Panasonic JC2AJ-B-DC24V OMRON G4W-2212P-US-TV5 That's all I've found so far. The relay specs are: 24VDC coil, 7A contact, 2 Form A, PCB mount Mouser and Digikey never seem to provide any crossover information. It's a shame.
  10. FYI - we do have some OEM fan motors now. Please contact us if you need a new motor for the PM-1.5.
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