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  1. Hello, Yes of course we are still doing these mods. We always calibrate the meters when serviced.
  2. I'm sorry, I don't offer to replace the RCA jacks on a C-4000 or 4000t.
  3. The Carver C-19 is a unique design, both in terms of its features and its circuitry. It's most notable feature is its vacuum tube output stage. In every respect, it is a solid state pre-amp, however, both the Main Output and Phono Amp stage utilize vacuum tube 'buffers' that create that coveted organic feel in the music signal. This preamp is considered a flagship of the Carver era, and there's many reasons to accept this status. Close attention to detail and the preservation of the fidelity of the source material is what this preamp is all about. The signal stages are meticulously designed to
  4. We use OPA2134. However the pinouts are quite different, so you have to use an adaptor.
  5. The A Series Carver Amplifiers were late in Carver's Production years. Although not Magnetic Field Coil amplifiers, they still inherited many of Bob's amplifier topologies that create an accurate, musical and powerful sound reproduction. Although the extent to which Bob was involved in the A series design is not known, it is unmistakably an extension of his earlier designs. The A-series amps utilize voltage rail switching to produce immense dynamic power without having to add cumbersome heat sinks. The high voltage rails are engaged by Power MOSFETS which modulate to the output signal and
  6. The Carver C-4000 and 4000t are similar but also very different. However, restoring them and upgrading them are similar enough to include together. These preamps require a complete overhaul after nearly 40 years of use. We replace all the electrolytic capacitors with either high temp, long life type, bi-polar or low ESR where appropriate. We tear the unit down completely and recondition all the wipers on the attenuation knobs and buttons. Some units require factory updates and power supply fixes. All of these units also require the phono amps, time delay, auto correlator and sonic holography c
  7. Restoral of this little gem involves replacing all electrolytic capacitors, reconditioning of the output transistor thermal isolators, replacement of critical resistors and pre-drive transistors, service bulletins and full cleaning inside and out. Full restore price: $400 Binding Post Upgrade: $40 LED color change: $40 Comes with Nelion Audio 3 year parts and labor warranty.
  8. We service a wide variety of audio amplifiers; including Phase Linear, Sunfire, Carver Tube Amps, Adcom, Hafler, McIntosh, Pioneer, Yamaha, Krell, and more! Service Base fee: $100 The base fee covers basic repairs to a component to restore its operation. The fee covers up to $20 in parts. If more work is needed, or if expensive parts are required, a quote is submitted for approval before work is done. If the component cannot be reasonably repaired within an hour or two, a quote is submitted right away. If the quote is refused and work was not performed, the fee drops to $50. If the repairs
  9. We are so happy you have come to visit! We are currently under construction but open for business. Please view the announcement above for contact information and for services.
  10. This service is a full restoration and upgrade which includes cleaning inside and out, replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, service bulletins, new LEDs (your choice of color) for the meters, new 5-way binding posts, high-quality output relay, and the mkII upgraded components. This mod gives your 500(t) a much higher power rating, more headroom, less commutation distortion, better current sourcing and performance into low impedance loads, and tighter bass and transient control. We are the only techs authorized to perform this mod. Any other 'pros' out there c
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