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  1. Hello @Kevin L, Welcome to Nelion Audio! Please email us at service@nelionaudio.com to work out details for scheduling. We can make your M1.5t sound better than ever. And as for the power, you can never have too much. It's all a matter of knowing what your speakers, your room, and your ears can handle. Any amplifier has the potential to blow a speaker, so really, blowing speakers is more so a user error than because of max power output of the amplifier. Using in-line fuses at the speakers is a easy solution to protecting them against accidental over-driving, or various ot
  2. Hello, Yes, I can work on the Parasound HCA-2200II. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com for more details. Thank you!
  3. Hello, Yes we need to schedule you in. Please contact us at Service@nelionaudio.com Thank you!
  4. Yes indeed - that is repairable.
  5. We use OPA2134. However the pinouts are quite different, so you have to use an adaptor.
  6. @Mike16w Oh no! Well, we can certainly take care of it. Hit us up at Service@nelionaudio.com! Or go to the homepage and hit the Contact Service button on the right sidebar.
  7. @Mike16w Please use 0.47ohm 2W resistors. Good luck with the restore!
  8. Hello, I can restore the C-500. They are very similar to a Phase Linear 700 - brute force linear power supply and gobs of output transistors. Restoration includes cleaning inside and out, replacement of consumable parts, upgraded components where appropriate, calibration and testing. 3 year parts and labor warranty. $400 + shipping.
  9. Thanks @RobA! Welcome to the forums!
  10. The Matsushita's are obsolete. These two relays are direct crossovers: Panasonic JC2AJ-B-DC24V OMRON G4W-2212P-US-TV5 That's all I've found so far. The relay specs are: 24VDC coil, 7A contact, 2 Form A, PCB mount Mouser and Digikey never seem to provide any crossover information. It's a shame.
  11. FYI - we do have some OEM fan motors now. Please contact us if you need a new motor for the PM-1.5.
  12. The A Series Carver Amplifiers were late in Carver's Production years. Although not Magnetic Field Coil amplifiers, they still inherited many of Bob's amplifier topologies that create an accurate, musical and powerful sound reproduction. Although the extent to which Bob was involved in the A series design is not known, it is unmistakably an extension of his earlier designs. The A-series amps utilize voltage rail switching to produce immense dynamic power without having to add cumbersome heat sinks. The high voltage rails are engaged by Power MOSFETS which modulate to the output signal and
  13. The Carver C-4000 and 4000t are similar but also very different. However, restoring them and upgrading them are similar enough to include together. These preamps require a complete overhaul after nearly 40 years of use. We replace all the electrolytic capacitors with either high temp, long life type, bi-polar or low ESR where appropriate. We tear the unit down completely and recondition all the wipers on the attenuation knobs and buttons. Some units require factory updates and power supply fixes. All of these units also require the phono amps, time delay, auto correlator and sonic holography c
  14. @tim Are you having trouble logging in your account?
  15. I will very soon. I'm actually working on it this month!
  16. Well, I can tell you B & O is not always easy to troubleshoot. Those speakers are active and they have a display for volume of I remember. Best way to troubleshoot them is to test each of its subsection components. But I think if you follow up on ensuring the connections are solid and inspecting other failure areas such as capacitors and speaker drivers, you'll be in the clear!
  17. Hi Tom. I'm working on both of those modifications. I've wanted a color solution for LEDs for a long time, it just happens to be a little complex when trying to keep the price down as well as accessibility without making major changes to the outside of the unit.
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