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  1. Restoral of this little gem involves replacing all electrolytic capacitors, reconditioning of the output transistor thermal isolators, replacement of critical resistors and pre-drive transistors, service bulletins and full cleaning inside and out. Full restore price: $350
  2. I have rebuilt them and it's hit or miss. If the brass bushings are worn, then no amount of rebuilding helps.
  3. I sent the email on July 13th to the email you registered with. But no worries, you know how to contact us!
  4. We service a wide variety of audio amplifiers; including Phase Linear, Sunfire, Carver Tube Amps, Adcom, Hafler, McIntosh, Pioneer, Yamaha, Krell, and more! Service Base fee: $100 The base fee covers basic repairs to a component to restore its operation. The fee covers up to $20 in parts. If more work is needed, or if expensive parts are required, a quote is submitted for approval before work is done. If the component cannot be reasonably repaired within an hour or two, a quote is submitted right away. If the quote is refused and work was not performed, the fee drops to $50. If the repairs cannot be performed due to lack of information or resources, the fee drops to $50. Most repairs do not exceed $200. If you need a custom shipper, please let us know. We can make a custom box for most models and send it for a small fee. Don't get frustrated over shipping - we will take care of you! Contact Service
  5. We now offer custom brackets to retro fit modern binding posts to vintage gear. So as long as the fitting is done properly, vintage gear benefits greatly from new speaker binding posts.
  6. Hello, We can restore those amplifiers. I will contact you via email and talk! Thank you!
  7. Welcome @kingman!
  8. I'm so glad you asked! The Z-mod is a prototype modification for the M500t mkII and M1.0t mkII amplifiers. The modification will be switchable. It is intended to make the amplifiers more responsive to high sensitivity speakers, such as horn drivers and ribbons.
  9. The IEC socket is modification Nelion Audio is happy to offer. I have plans to build better production resources so that we can offer socket install at a better price point. Thank for the info!
  10. Welcome to Nelion Audio. We are currently under construction. If you'd like more info, please email us at or visit
  11. We are so happy you have come to visit! We are currently under construction but open for business. Please view the announcement above for contact information and for services.
  12. This service is a full restoration and upgrade which includes cleaning inside and out, replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, service bulletins, new LEDs (your choice of color) for the meters, new 5-way binding posts, high-quality output relay, and the mkII upgraded components. This mod gives your 500(t) a much higher power rating, more headroom, less commutation distortion, better current sourcing and performance into low impedance loads, and tighter bass and transient control. We are the only techs authorized to perform this mod. Any other 'pros' out there claiming they can do this upgrade have copied information available on our websites and perform these upgrades without our permission. How they look when we get them: How they look when we're done: Features: - Long life high temp capacitors throughout - High performance audio grade capacitors in signal paths - Replace all power rectifiers and power switching diodes - Replace voltage trim pots - Replace entire pre-drive stage transistors to higher voltage, higher power type - Replace input opamp buffer to audio grade device - Replace output protection relay - Completely upgrade and rebuild output stage transistors for more power, durability and higher power handling - Replace meter bulbs with LEDs of your color choice - Upgrade speaker binding posts to modern 5-way gold or silver - Perform factory service bulletins where needed - Calibrate, burn-in and test to mkII specs. I also listen to all the amps I work on. It doesn't leave my bench unless is sounds like it should. Comes with a 3-year warranty and lifetime waver of bench fees. Specs: Power into 8 ohms: Stock: 251 watts MKII: 395 watts Clipping into 8 ohms: Stock: 270 watts MKII: 410 watts Dynamic into 8 ohms: Stock: 380 MKII: 520 watts mkII upgrade and restore Cost: $420 Extras: IEC socket: $40.00 Gold plated binding posts: $40 Other Options: Restore without mkII upgrade (stock specs, new LEDs): $300.00 Restore with new binding posts: $340.00 Warm White: Blue: Amber: Cool White: Green: Binding Posts (gold shown) Although the Dim Switch will still dim the LEDs, The LED driver can be trimmed to your brightness preferences (Driver model 001 shown):