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  1. Carver service bulletin C1-2 provides a resistor chart for reducing the gain of the Main 1 output. Would love to have a multi-position switch that would allow me to choose different gains. Mine is currently set for the 21dB reduction, but no longer need that much. The normal output of Main 2 is too high for the small space I am in. Secondly, how about leds that you could adjust the color from an external source? My son used to install car kits that allowed drivers to adjust headlight leds using a phone app. Not sure if the technology is small enough to be used in audio applications. Just wondering?
  2. Hi all. Just registered. Have been on other Carver forums as Thall. Very close to pulling the trigger on getting my M-500t in for the MKII upgrade. C1 pre will be next for the Biil D mod.