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  1. Replace them for superior functionality or keep them for authenticity? I like to replace them but there are others who feel changing them from original degrades the 'vintage' value. Where do you side?
  2. Dom isn't all that active anymore. Please be patient.
  3. Rod

    tfm 35X

    You might have a broken solder joint on the one of main board connections (maybe to the speaker posts?) from having the amp apart... Always look for the simple issues first! Hope that's the case.
  4. Hey Tim! Who is Carver in Detroit? Carver Corp. has been out of business for 20 years.....
  5. This often causes disagreements. I personally like installing IEC connectors on my gear. It's not about the 'boutique' power cords, but about the convenience of not having tethered power cords when I want to move or swap out components. They can be a pain to install, but as I do my own It isn't an issue. Where problems can arise and are often overlooked is when original polarity and grounding schemes are not adhered to or modification of those is not done properly. This is an important safety concern often overlooked by hobbyists.
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