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  1. just need to souder on the new resistor!
  2. I received a new fan motor just need to souder the new resistor on and plug it in. thanks
  3. Sorry, I am not seeing anything other then what you and I have written plus Rod, am I in the wrong forum?
  4. I sent a message to Zumbini but i was just approved for the carver site yesterday but did not send it tell this morning.
  5. sorry it was a pm 1.5 and the place said it was authorised service center for carver, i called them they said the had a box of them but you would have to send amp in for a total refresh they would not just sell me a fan motor.
  6. How do you wire it the amp only has two wires? the power supply to the fan says 50 volt this is only 24 volt?
  7. How do you wire it the amp only has two wires?
  8. tim

    tfm 35X

    thanks, I broke down and sent it in for repair to Gary Garsa? I think I spelled it wrong but anyway , I like it so much that I had to!
  9. tim

    tfm 35X

    Freeport IL 61032
  10. tim

    tfm 35X

    Some place in Detroit that say they are a authorised service center?
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