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  1. Welcome to all you new members!
  2. Hello! We missed you also. Make it happen next year!
  3. You can replace with an aftermarket or try the link provided to fish for a replacement on the Carversite forum. Sometimes cleaning and lubrication are all that is needed to alleviate fan noise.
  4. I like original unless it interferes with functionality such as ability to use banana clips.
  6. Topic on these is active now with another fellow that has some. If still interested now’s the time to visit the forum.
  7. Forum is back up. Shoot him a pm.
  8. If my memory serves me Zumbini used to have some of these. He may still have one for sale. Until forum is up no way to contact unless someone has his personal email.
  9. kingman

    tfm 35X

    Was going to suggest that! He's pretty close and you will have no worries.
  10. kingman

    tfm 35X

    Where are you located Tim?
  11. Just registered so let's get this site ROCKING!!!!!