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  1. sweet! I am about to buy a pm-900 maybe...the only thing stopping me is that fan..they are loud when old .
  2. I dont think I got an email but its good to know you guys can work on it. 1 blew a power supply and I sold the other. it should be fixed as it was pretty good but I am trying to focus on either a m500t or a m1.0t
  3. I'm a carver fan for sure but I ran across a deal too good to pass. KVE777 from here and the carver forum is familiar with the amps in question. Told me Nelion might be able to fix. They arent gent supposed to need repair but I'm curious to find a place if needed to refurbish a pair of HPA-1000 (otherwise called Soundstream DA-2 ) amps. I am also a fan of Soundstream car amps from the good old days and these are Wade Stewart amps ive never really seen a list of amp refurbishing places so I'm asking if anyone here knows it looks like a easy design but I
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