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  • Carver A-500x/A-760x/A-753x

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    The A Series Carver Amplifiers were late in Carver's Production years. Although not Magnetic Field Coil amplifiers, they still inherited many of Bob's amplifier topologies that create an accurate, musical and powerful sound reproduction. Although the extent to which Bob was involved in the A series design is not known, it is unmistakably an extension of his earlier designs.

    The A-series amps utilize voltage rail switching to produce immense dynamic power without having to add cumbersome heat sinks. The high voltage rails are engaged by Power MOSFETS which modulate to the output signal and turn on only when the music amplitude demands, feeding the output sections that are direct coupled with multiple paralleled transistors for high current output.

    Featuring bridge-tied mode, gain adjustments for each channel, VU meters and 5 way binding posts, the A series power amplifiers are remarkably suitable for almost any musical set up.

    Our restoration addresses minor failure points, replaces all consumable parts*, calibrates the signal transfer function, and a full cleaning inside and out. We also offer an IEC socket modification, Gold RCA posts, Gold 5-way speaker binding posts, and meter light LEDs for an additional fee.


    Before restoration:

    Carver A-500x_top_dirty.jpg


    After Restoration:

    Carver A-500x_inside clean 2.jpg


    Added speaker binding posts.

    Carver A-500x_binding posts installed.jpg


    Price: $350 + shipping

    Gold RCA jacks: $20

    LED meter lights (color of your choice): $40

    Gold 5-way binding posts: $40

    IEC socket: $40


    Nelion Audio 3 year parts and labor warranty included.


    *We do not replace the main power supply capacitors unless necessary. At the time of this writing, they are still within the life expectancy. If we must, we will quote.

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    Greg ...

    I think those pics are from my A 500x.  I must say, you did an awesome job in the repair/upgrade/renewal of this venerable piece of audio history.   I am listening as I type these words, and happiness cannot fully describe the experience.  Transcendence, rising from the Phoenix, back from the dead ... any of these are close to what this old amp experienced at Greg's expert hand.  I thought about putting it on the trash heap, but Bob Carver is an audio god, and even if this is not one of his "pure" creations, it is part of the legacy so I wanted to do my part to keep it alive.

    So happy I did, and so pleased with the amazing result.  Greg, you are a throwback to another time when quality, integrity, and doing what you say was the norm.  I salute and thank you for a job very well done.

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    The reconditioning gave my Carver A-753x new life! Sounds better now than it did so many years ago when it was new. Thanks Greag for your work and timely replies to questions.


    Just one question from me; is it ok to keep the amp powered on 24/7 vs turning it off and on several times a day? I've heard that it's better for the solid state circuits to start warm all the time.

    Thanks for your reply.

    Response from the author:

    Hello Ed!

    The amplifier runs hot in some areas, so I'd recommend turning it off when not in use. However, leaving it on won't hurt anything. It is a very efficient amplifier design. Except the meter lamps - I'd keep them turned off as much as possible since they run very hot.

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