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  • Carver M-1.5t mkII, Restore and Upgrade

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    The 1.5t restore includes replacement of all consumable parts (including parts that are known to go bad), reflow of questionable solder, all service bulletins, cleaning inside and out. Most repair shops only do the very minimum to satisfy a 90 day warranty. We perform a full cleaning and restore to satisfy another 30 years of reliable operation! Best value in the business.

    The results of our restore is an amplifier performing to it maximum potential with effortless power and beautiful, detailed sound stage. The M1.5t was a legend for its time - don't let its antique internal appearance fool you - this amplifier is truly magical in its design.



    We take the restore even further, if you wish. The factory rated it at 350W per channel RMS into 8 ohms both channels driven, and it weighs only 16 pounds! The design is so solid that Carver used it for the Professional Amplifiers PM-1.5 and PM-1200 with just a few modifications for Pro use. After our restore and mkII upgrades including Nelion's own Hyper EX VAS drivers (Voltage amp stage), the M1.5t pushes 520W per channel easily!


    8 ohm load both channels driven

    Stock          mkII

    350W          520W

    4 ohm load both channels driven

    Stock         mkII

    500W         700W

    The mkII has dynamic headroom for over 700W per channel into 8 ohms, 800W into 4 ohms.



    Featuring professional power supply retrofit boards, signal path upgrades, full cleaning, critical component replacements and 3 year warranty.


    Full restore with IEC socket, Gold RCA jacks and Gold binding posts installed as options:

    Carver M1.5t Top.jpg


    Restore with mkII upgrades, as well as IEC socket and power switch options*:


    (* The IEC socket and power switch are not part of the mkII. These are options made at request for an additional fee)


    Gold Binding Post and RCA options:



    IEC socket installed:

    Carver M1.5t Top back.jpg


    Power Switch mod:



    Restore Price: $370 + shipping

    M1.5t mkII Price: $450 (Restore, Upgrades, Gold binding posts and RCA jacks included) + shipping



    Gold RCA jacks (included with mkII): $40

    Gold 5-way speaker binding posts (included with mkII): $40

    Add the optional LED upgrade (color of your choice) for an additional: $40

    IEC socket: $50

    Power Switch (installed on the back): $40

    Comes with the Nelion Audio 3-year warranty.



    "...the 1.5t you did for me sounds great, even knowing first hand, the MkII experience with the 500t,

    this thing exceeded all of my expectations, especially in the highs, it actually has finesse. Thank you very much!" -- Dan E



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