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    Carver M-200t Restore

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    The M200t is a sweet sounding, powerful little amp. The stock specs are impressive for it's weight and size. Properly restored, the amp is quiet, runs relatively cool and delivers impressive transient response to music. 

    The restore for the Carver M-200t power amplifier includes replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, all service bulletins, cleaning inside and out.



    - Long life high grade capacitors in power supply

    - High grade audio capacitors in signal paths

    - Standard diode rectifiers upgraded to bridge rectifier mounted on the chassis for better performance.

    - Replace heat damaged resistors, transistors and switching diodes

    - Replace mag coil mounting hardware if necessary (the mag coil working loose is a common problem after the rubber grommets rot away from heat cycling)


    Comes with the Nelion Audio 3-year warranty.

    Cost: $300.00

    Add the optional LED mod with your choice of color for an additional: $10.00

    Optional 5-way binding posts: $40.00


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