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    Carver Silver 9t Restore

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    The restore for the Carver 7t/9t amp and its kin includes replacement of all consumable parts with high quality audio grade components, replacement of vital thermal isolators on output stage, upgrade of power supply rectifiers, upgraded input wiring to noise rejecting premium microphone cables, reflow of questionable solder, all service bulletins, and cleaning inside and out. The restore includes extensive work involving the power supply and signal path:

    • The high voltage rail capacitance is significantly increased with a low ESR array to greatly improve transient response. Long-life, audio grade Nichicon capacitors are installed for the low voltage rails.
    • The old ceramic and polyester capacitors are removed from the signal path and replaced with modern film type.
    • Critical resistors are replaced and upgraded with high quality metal film.
    • The transfer function is meticulously calibrated to the originally intended response for a smooth, accurate and musical experience.

    As a result, the amplifier's noise floor and power are much improved, and it's longevity extended for decades. We do not just perform a simple 'recap' like most others. Many techs and DIYers are not aware of the intricate service bulletins and updates which are necessary to make these amps perform at the very best. Flippers on Ebay may offer a good deal, but you're not getting what you really expect. All they do is replace some capacitors and if the unit powers up, they list it.

    Trust the experts. We know how a Carver should work and sound.


    Comes with the Nelion Audio 3-year warranty.

    Cost: $370.00 (per block)

    Add 5-way binding posts for: $40.00

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