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    Carver TFM-55 & TFM-55x Restore

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    The restore for the Carver TFM-55(x) amp includes replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, all service bulletins, cleaning inside and out.

    The TFM-55x requires the entire PCB board and power supply to be removed from the chassis to work on. So although electronically, the 55 and 55x are the same, the 55x chassis was not designed for service work. The 55x design was done for cosmetics only (as described in the owner's manual) and that is why the cost to restore is higher.

    Comes with the Nelion Audio 3-year warranty.

    Cost: $350.00

    TFM-55x Cost: $400.00

    Add the optional LED upgrade with the color of your choosing for: $40.00

    Add 5-way binding posts for: $40.00

    IEC socket: $40.00

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