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  • Carver C-1/C-11 Restore with Bill D Mod

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    The Carver C-1 is a sweet and simple unit. Featuring Sonic Holography and basic audio controls, it easily compliments just about any hi-fi system. 
    Bill D was a Carver fan (and engineer) that frequented audio forums, especially ‘thecarversite.com’ where he was well known as a generous and knowledgeable supporter of audio gear.
    The C-1 is a nice pre-amp for phono sources, but he wanted more. In his quest to reduce noise and increase reliability, he modified and restored his C-1 with high grade capacitors, metal film resistors, ultra-low noise high linear op-amps and other quality components to make the C-1 as transparent as possible. He shared his work on the carversite so that others could experience the phenomenal performance of his meticulous and well thought out work.

    The BillD Carver C-1 mod includes replacement of all consumable parts, reflow of questionable solder, all service bulletins, the BillD mod (which tightens the power side and replaces all signal path resistors, capacitors and op-amps to modern high quality types, lowering the noise floor and greatly increasing its sonic response) cleaning inside and out. The switches and knobs are cleaned and reconditioned, not just smeared with DeOxit.

    We can also change the color of the power LED - blue, white, gold, green or purple.

    Special Mods:

    Remote Volume Control - A new volume potentiometer is installed with driver and sensor. IR Remote is provided.

    Gundry Filter - A special filter is added to the Sonic Holography circuit to give this feature a very sweet and organic tone. An often requested mod. This notch filter attenuates two frequency bands that are especially sensitive to our ears. By softening the volume of these two narrow frequency ranges, our ear-brain is allowed to pay more attention to the full range of sounds, resulting in a realistic sound image.

    All the Ebay techs boasting this mod or a mod that is 'better' than the BillD learned how to do it from us! We are the pros, they are hobbyists. If the unit turns on without blowing up, the Ebay guys ship em out. We thoroughly test all the functions with professional equipment so that you can be confident you're getting what you paid for. So go with the us, the experts.


    High quality parts and unparalleled attention to detail:

    Carver C-1 BillD 2.jpg


    Remote Volume Modification:



    Gundry Filter:

    Carver C-1 C-4000 400t Gundry Filter 2.jpg


    Clean faceplates:

    IMG_20200307_213130576.jpgCarver C-1 early BillD 2.PNG


    Restore Price: $200

    Restore Price with BillD upgrade: $300

    Remote volume mod: $150

    Gundry Filter: $40

    Custom LED color: Free 

    Comes with the Nelion Audio 3-year warranty.

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